Biogas: potential health hazards for human and animals?

“There are quite strong concern that pathogens can be spread on fields and meadows through the biogas production and the subsequent deployment of biogas residual mass. A gene transfer, ie an exchange of information of the bacteria to each other, during the fermentation process can not be excluded (...) Why shrinks the biogas industry to publish critical and especially thought-provoking studies? You have something to hide? (...) In digestate of biogas plants prevail partially unknown or uncontrollable conditions, which have a significant impact on the microbiome (...) It is time to create clarity by research (...) Ernst-Gunther Hellwig, founder and director of the Academy, calls for an unprejudiced cooperation between all scientists concerned to control residual risks for the benefit of human and animal health. Until the major issues and theories are not scientifically clear and reproducible, no biogas residual mass on fields and meadows should be applied, which are intended for the production of animal feed, or products for human nutrition.”  By Deutschland Agrar und Veterinar Akademie (AVA) 




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