Year in review 2016

A 2016 year summary in the biogas world through our newsletters


“The next 20 years will be critical for the planet” | Fighting Climate Change Turned Into a Profitable Business | Biomethane Opens New Phase of the Energy Transition | Global Anaerobic Digestion Industry Set to Reach $1trn



Global Energy Transition: Paris Agreement entered into force | Biomethane: the lowest-carbon fuel available | Energiewende 2.0: Blockchain in the energy transition



A low-carbon future is the only available | New Energy Horizons: “The Grand Transition is unstoppable” | Biogas is an important contribution to decarbonisation of energy sector



The potential of energy citizens in the European Union | “There is a 2nd gas transition coming, it is time to move to biomethane” | Biomethane, the only route to decarbonize heavy trucks



Responsible Research and Innovation in Action | Exploring feedstocks for biogas production | Growing awareness of biomethane as a substitute to conventional fuels



The Global Energy Transition is Underway



Europe started the renewable energy revolution but is no longer its main driver | Energy transition to energy democracy | Rapid expansion of anaerobic microorganisms applications in the society



Beyond climate change mitigation. Bioenergy is the only renewable source that could act on the carbon cycle | Cities and Biogas in Energy Transition | RRI: inspiring concepts, findings and practices



Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade | Gas is redefining itself as a Renewable energy source | Green Gas Fuelling Transport



The very real financial risks associated with climate change | Biogas and the digital disruption into energy | Biomethane extending the energy transition to transport



“Warming homes, not the planet.” Heating with Biogas and Biomethane | Clean-energy Transition is transforming the Global Economy



Clean Trillion: World needs to invest $44 trillion in clean energy | Biomethane is gaining in importance | Biogas in Spain | Urban Methanization: “New York, London, Beijing and Cape Town already offer biodigesters to their residents” | 2015 Summary


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