Currently the future development of the biogas sector is essentially a political issue


The combined result of low efficiency of current anaerobic digestion technologies, the growing dependency on subsidies and the EU legal framework progressively geared towards the objective that biogas production should be primarily based on the use of by-products and organic waste, is that most of expectations in the sector are placed in policy decisions. However, at the same time it emerges an interest in innovative technologies that can increase sustainability and profitability in the production of biogas. 


Energiewende in the middle of a long-term transformation: the transition to a low carbon energy worldwide


The biogas sector in Europe is very diverse and has been transformed very much. However, the indisputable reference is Germany. Their Energiewende Energy Transition) is also a global framework in the transition to a low carbon energy worldwide. The Energiewende and the development of the biogas sector are interrelated and inseparable. The German energy market has started to turn away from fossil fuels and centralized electricity structures towards a decentralized approach of energy production.


Citizens and their energy cooperatives are at the center of the energy transition.