2008. Grant Spanish Environmental Ministry. Nanoclean Up. The use and the effects of nanoparticles (NPs) in waste water treatments.

2010. Discovery of Magnetite NPs on Anaerobic Digestion.

2011-2013. Grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Increase of biogas production using low-cost nanoparticles

2011. Patent deposited in the EU and US This method is being protected in Europe by patent application 12707361.7.1352 Ref. P1923EP01/EP2683662 and in the USA by patent application nr. 14/004.646 and publication nr.2014/0017753. Priority Data: 11/03/2011

2012-2013 Fundación Repsol Award Cathegory IDEA

2013 Applied Nanoparticles is created

2013 Secretaria General Iberoamericana, 2nd Innovation Prize

2014 Scientifc Publication of the phenomena: Programmed Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Disintegration in Anaerobic Digesters Boosts Biogas Production

2014-2016 Fundación Repsol Award Category INNOVATION

2015 Seal of Excellence on SME Instrument Phase 1 call H2020-SMEInst-2014-2015 (H2020-SMEINST-1-2015)

2015 MINECO bussines plan AWARD

2016 US Patent granted US 9,416,373 B2 BIOGAS PRODUCTION

2016 BiogasPLUS reached Industrial Production

2017 EU Patent granted EP2683662

2017 First satisfactory results in continuous treatments in Pilot Plants

2017 BioGAS+ by Applied Nanoparticles included in the European Biomethane Map

2017 February COMPASS AWARD for Responsible Research and Innovation

2017 May Applied Nanoparticles SL shortlisted for the 2017 AD & Biogas Industry Awards in the Research Project category  Awards announced on july 5, 2017 in the #1 global tradeshow for biogas: Applied Nanoparticles Receives the Highly Commended Award for Research Project

2017 BioGAS+ for laboratory and pilot digester testing commercially available 

2018 BioGAS+ available in bulk 

2019 Selected and highlighted as one of the most promising technological solutions to improve AD in the CATTLE MANURE TO BIOMETHANE: A TECHNO-ECONOMIC ASSESSMENT OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE VALUE CHAINS IN THE SWISS CONTEXT from the EPA Laussane and the Paul Scherrer Institut



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