BIP-CO Project - Launching BioGAS+ iron nanoparticles additive for biogas output optimization in Colombia


Colombia is building a comprehensive regulatory framework to combat climate change, favour renewable sources of energy and implement sustainable waste management policies with a sustainable and circular economy vision. Within this framework, biogas (a renewable energy sources produced during anaerobic digestion of organic substrates) is repeatedly highlighted as offering a set of multipurpose advantages: converts organic waste in raw materials, capture methane emissions, can be stored and supplied on demand, can be converted in heat, gas and/or electricity and is a decentralised energy source.


Colombia has identified several of those advantages as strategic, but  cannot take full advantage of all this strategic possibilities due to the difficult optimization of the complex processes occurring inside anaerobic digesters and, as a consequence, the low conversion rates of organic waste to energy. Existing technologies and products approaching these problems only obtain modest production increases or/and require costly structural changes in the biogas process.


To radically reverse this situation, BioGAS+ additive offers a disruptive nanotechnology-based innovation that obtains the highest ever-reported improvement of biogas production, together with other fundamental benefits. BioGAS+ makes nanomicrobiology real. BioGAS+ can transform biogas energy in a competitive renewable energy source that bring its full potential in helping to comply with Colombian Sustainable Development Goals objectives, we propose to launch BioGAS+ in the Colombian biogas market through the co-creation of a local value chain.


And to develop this BioGAS+ value chain in Colombia we are transferring BioGAS+ nanoparticles know-how to NanoCitec and, with their help, we collaborate with CENICAÑA, USTA-Villavicencio and La Cosmopolitana in three Case Studies to evaluate the effectiveness of BioGAS+. We're also maintaining multiple contacts with the main social agents both public and private in the biogas sector in Colombia.


For further information please download BIP CO & BIOGASPLUS BRIEFING.PDF


The six month Project starts on the 1st of November 2019 and it is funded by the INNOWWIDE Project , a R&I initiative within the EU H2020 Programme. 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no822273. 

Grant Agreement: 2019-1470 INNOWWIDE BIP-CO


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