Whether you are running small farm biogas plant or large volumes AD plant, and you are dealing with sustained or episodic low biomethane conversion rates and outputs or you simply wish to increase your biogas production values, we offer BioGAS+. BioGAS+ is  an additive based on trace elements nanoparticles to enhance biogas output in anaerobic digestion with contrasted succesful results in increasing biogas production in many situations: from micronutrients deficient digesters tackled via the slow release of Iron 2+ ions on demand of the Bacteria consortium; to helping in the digestion of the most recalcitrant fraction of various feedstock.


If you are interested in purchasing and using BioGAS+ in your AD facility or need any further information, please contact us at info@appliednanoparticles.eu with the characteristics of your feedstock and the digester's dimensions and working regime.