Today we have an unlimited amount of content; what is valuable is filtering and curating, making sense of the information.


BioGAS+ do this work by filtering and curating in the field of nanotechnology, biogas and responsible innovation.


There is a unique process and on-going monitoring, selection and presentation of information from the original source. The news resulting from the monitoring and filtering of information sought to provide an extra value: the context.


This is achieved by information itself and promoting debate / controversy and / or contrast of opposing paradigms.


Some aspects related with anaerobic digestion current and future use are controversial. So public debate is needed and welcome!


Here a compilation of the open-ended emerging debates around the biogas world:


# Waste-biogas or crop-biogas?


# The dangers of food waste as AD feedstock


# The renewable natural gas is the future of transportation ?


# AD Digestate: waste or resource?


# Potential health hazards for humans and animals?